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About us

Sky Owners Solutions is a highly experienced aviation company committed to offering best-in-class repairing, modification, and maintenance solutions to commercial airplanes. We take pride in having proficient aviation structures mechanics who go above and beyond to meet your unique demands and furnish everything ahead of schedule.

At Sky Owners Solutions, we’re redefining the way your aircraft works. We leverage an in-depth understanding of the aviation industry and recruit the most seasoned aircraft structure mechanics who target the problem at its roots.

Our extraordinary team of hand-vetted technicians combines knowledge, innovative resources, and experience in one place, making it easy for your plane to perform to the fullest. We delve deeper into your aircraft’s unique problems, identify the areas of improvement, and create a tailor-made maintenance plan that turbocharges your aircraft’s performance. With Sky Owners Solutions at the helm, you’ll achieve top-notch maintenance in no time.

Our Services

We at Sky Owners pride ourselves, not only on offering a diverse range of aircraft repairing solutions but on our exceptional communication too. We stay with you every step of the way and keep you updated regarding the progress to give you a hassle-free maintenance experience. Whether it’s the maintenance of Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer, modifying airplane parts, or fixing technical issues, you can confidently count on our multi-faceted services.

Our repairing solutions include:

Modification Fuselage Structure

Winglets Modification

Antenna Wi-Fi Modification

Pylon Modification

Cargo Door Modification (B737, B75, 7737-300, -400, -800, 757, A321)

NGS Modification

General Structural Repair

Aircraft Maintenance

Our staff

Why Us?

Sky Owners Solutions is a resourceful company where we have cultivated some of the brightest mechanics in aviation industry who leave no stone unturned to take the performance of your aircraft to the next level. In addition, all of our repairing services are affordable, implying that you’ll say goodbye to the financial drain for good. For aircraft repairing that is innovative, time-tested, and affordable, you can’t beat Sky Owners Solutions.

Perfect for repairing services

Repairing aircrat

Our Mission

At Sky Owners Solutions, we want to revolutionize the aviation industry with reliable maintenance solutions. Our primary aim is to skyrocket the efficiency of your planes, and we can go all out to achieve your goals.

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